Friday, July 1, 2011

Monday, December 13, 2010

Robinson Family Pictures 2010

Miles is now 3, Isaac is 7, and Katie is 4.

Miles and mommy are buddies during the day, building train tracks, reading
books, watching movies, grocery shopping, cleaning house, or playing with Boyzee (our lab.)
But as soon as Katie gets home from preschool, mommy is out of the picture.
Katie is his life; good and bad. If Katie is in a sweet mood, Miles is sweet as pie. If Katie is
in a bad mood, she has Miles do her bidding. She instructs Miles to do little naughty things
and Miles is very obedient. He adores her and has learned to be the amazing little talker
he is from all of her coaching. We die at the stuff he says.

Katie is so much fun. She has oodles of girl in her but just a perfect dose of tough in her . I.e. one minute she can be bedecked in her Cinderella dress with layers of jewelery on and layers of shiny lip gloss, coloring contentedly at the table in her princess coloring book, and the very next minute she's ready for a football game with Isaac and his friends. She really only cries too when she really gets tackled hard. She is no baby. I promise, cause I watch out the window. Sometimes I went to deck Isaac's friends for tackling her so hard or throwing snowballs at her. But that is Katie, she loves the action. Katie's in preschool and dance. She LOVES dance.

Isaac is a really cool kid. I'm kind of amazed by him. He has this humility about him where he
is so teachable. I appreciate how much he soaks in and applies. Like when I am having a hard
moment and being grumpy and he'll come in a few minutes later and say, "mom, do feel any different because I prayed for you that you wouldn't be tricked by Satan, so you will be nice."
He's fun. He's in first grade and reading well and loving math. He's playing Jr. Jazz right now.
He loves to play with friends and play the wii.

Our exciting news is that we are expecting twins in June. I am already having problems with contracting which I had with Miles and had to be on bedrest. So even though it's only December it looks like I am going to be down for quite awhile. Honestly, that's why I am posting after a year and half. I finally have a second to sit and do a post. Hopefully there will be more that come. I don't know who may come into contact with our blog, but we wish you a Merry Christmas and hope that this find you well and happy. God bless.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day at Lagoon

Isaac, I loved going on the bumper cars
with you. I felt like such a kid again chasing
after you and then slamming into you. It
felt so good to laugh that hard. Those bumber
cars really got me going. Oh, to be a kid again.

Such a good big brother Isaac is to help
little Miles feel so safe. It was fun.

Isaac and Katie were very cute shooting on this ride.
Katie, you had such a sweet little smile on your face
the whole time it went around and around. Isaac on
the other hand looked like he was in a war zone fighting
the bad guys. Gotta love little boys.

Can I even tell you how much fun it is now that the kids
are getting a little older. It was so fun to watch them
enjoy the things that we enjoyed when we were kids. By the way, I thought
it would be a great idea to put them in bright colors like orange and yellow
so I could keep better track of them. I think just about every kid at Lagoon
yesterday was in oragne and yellow. Funny stuff.

The kitty Tidal Wave was very fun.

My Justy.

Cute Dallon Bilbao. He and Miles are a few months
apart. But Dallon was much braver on the rides. I think
it's because he has more weight to hold him in his place.
Miles rolled around like a rag doll.

Evan Bilbao, Isaac, and Katie, awaiting the rides after lunch at the pavilion.

Bilbaos, thanks for inviting us to Lagoon with You.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Highlights of the Last Month

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was awesome. We had a backyard b-b-q
at our house for Justy's mom and GGB (Great grandma
Bule) and had a blast.
We were able to spend time with Brad and Glenda,
and visit with Jamie and Grandma Robinson and on the actual
day, my kids and hubby were so cute. They made me breakfast
in bed, wrote me love letters, and I got some gorgeous hanging
plants and potted plants. We went up to my sis, Michelle's and
celebrated with my mom. I LOVE my mom. I am eternally grateful
to her. She's the bomb. Here's some pic of the b-b-q.

The ladies: Sarah, Tessa, (Justin's sisters), Me,
Stacey(Ty's wife), Elaine (mother-in-law).

Justin and Tony. Arent' men always Business?


Kamrey (Stace & Ty's), and Elaine

More of the ladies. Good work Joel, taking the pics.

Justin, Elaine, and GGB

Sarah and Ty jumping. It was funny.

Canal Trips

We enjoyed many walks to the canal to feed the ducks.
Can I be honest though. My life is "Marley & Me" for those
of you who have seen it except we don't let our dog act quite
that pyscho. But having all three kids and the dog at the
canal plays a number on my nerves. It's so hard to watch
so many little moving bodies at the same time to ensure
they are all safe. My kids love to feed the ducks though.
I wonder if Boyzee really is a full bred lab sometimes because
he seems completely oblivious to the ducks.

Once the bread runs out, the kids love to throw
rocks into the water and listen to the splashes.
Boyzee enjoys swimming in the water.

Isaac, my helper. I can't believe he's going
to be six this year. Boo hoo but hooray
for kindergarten.

Classic Katie. She's always either making me
cry from laughing so hard, or cry from
driving me nuts. I guess that's the joy
of having a two year old. She's a ball full of fun.

Mr. Miles is 1, and if you can't tell
by his face, he's the funnest, loving
kid around. He melts mommy
and daddy's hearts.

The Ducks. Very exciting.

Can't a girl shave her Legs?
I used to really get grossed out how some mom's
had week long prickles on their legs. Now I
understand. These pictures are evidence of just
some of the destruction that happened when I took
a little longer in the shower. Two year
olds and one
olds are the smartest creatures. They KNOW
when mom is contained. Stinkers.

Miles' escapades with a red marker. I wish I
could say that it were only on his face and hands
but you're smarter than that. I'll leave it up
to your imagination to think of all the places I
found red markings throughout the day.

Thick as thieves.

She's a great coach for Miles.

This was a cassette of my grandma and
grandpa Anderegg singing together. It was
the only recording I had of the both them.
They have both passed on.

Sorry Oma and Opa, I guess I'll have to
wait to the eternities to hear your melodious
voices again.

Katie's First Crash (and I doubt, her last)

Cutie Katie is two. She is the most precocious thing
you ever did meet. Well, I was dropping something
off at my friends house, left the car running and my
kids in the carseats. (Don't tell me you haven't done
the same thing.) Little Katie unbuckled her car seat
and got into the driver's seat while I was a gab, gab,
gabbing at the front door. As I was talking to Shantel,
I saw this sudden look of horror on her face and looked
to see the reason. I saw my big red
Durango plunging down her steep driveway. I tried to
jump in the window to stop, but the car was going so
fast. Katie had the wheel between her hands and a
frightened little look on her face. The SUV smashed into
Shantel's closed garage, which smashed into her mini van,
which then smashed into her freezer full of meat and her
heirloom cedar chest. Here are the results:

Their minivan.

The freezer.

The cedar chest. These pictures
don't include the garage damages and
the damages to our car.

Lessons Learned:
Put the emergency brake on!
Don't leave my keys in the car!
Beware of Katie's teenage years!
Insurance is important!
God was watching out for us! (We were so thankful
nobody got hurt.)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Family Vacation to Phoenix, AZ

We so enjoyed our family vacation to Phoenix, AZ.
It felt like coming home. We stopped in Mesquite on
the way down and bowled with the kids. We hit Vegas
on our way out and let the kids play every game they
could handle at Circus Circus before total over-stimulation
kicked in. Then we endured (kindly, thanks to the DVD
players) the rest of the twelve hour drive. We stayed
with the McCabes in Johnson Ranch. THANK YOU PAT
AND KAMI, (amazing people, Kami mothers with such
grace.) We spent a lot of our time with the our dearest
friends the Millers. Our kids are the best of buds. This
is Jacob, Megan, Katie, and Isaac at the Phoenix Zoo.

The Girls; Megan, Anna, and Katie totally
mesmerized by the prairie dogs.

Katie on her leopard.

Jacob and Isaac were pretty much always
in their own "magical 5-year old boy world."

Justin, you are so easy to be around. I
had such a great time being with you.
By far my favorite thing about the vacation
was non-stop you.

Candice, it was like a fresh of breath air being around
you again. I LOVED your home and all of the pictures
of Christ. You are such a good mommy and the best
friend any girl could ask for.

Katie and Megan head banging to the music on
Barbie and the Diamond Castle.

My cousin Lara had us over for dinner and she is
the yummiest chef. It was my 26th birthday and
we had fun celebrating it with family. Thank you so
much Nelsons.

Thanks so much to the Nevitts for having us for dinner.
Justin LOVES the bean burros. And Ole and Bishop, you
better be practicing up for next time on the ping pong. I
was disappointed in you letting Justin off the hook so easy.

Thanks to the Beagleys, Torontos, Zobells, Grays, Florences,
Millers, Stewarts, Arringtons, Mickey & Darrell, and anyone
else I may be forgetting, for the visiting at the park and the
fun reminiscing. We Love you all so much and miss you.

Thanks Sarah for house-sitting and taking such good care of
Boyzee. Mom thanks too for coming and taking Boyzee on

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Puppy Love

I never knew I could be so in love. Justin bought me this amazing, Lab puppy for Valentines. We named him Boyzee. He is a cuddle bug. I can't get enough of him. When he prances around the kitchen, I can't help but giggle. He's so sweet.